To my higher power, all my family, friends, past, present, and future clients, I dedicate Mastering You LLC to each and every one of you. I am unable to contain the immense amount of gratitude that I feel as I sit in the truth that you all believe in both the work that I do and the being that I am. Your unconditional support, trust, openness, and ability to help keep me focused is why this project was able to be brought into this physical realm. You all have fueled and motivated me towards greater clarity, innovation and my own personal healing. 

The foundation of this venture is more solid than diamonds and gold, and for that, I humbly and wholeheartedly thank each one of you.

To my greatest loves thus far in this lifetime, my husband and furbaby:

I struggle now to put into words the joy, peace, and love the two of you have brought into my life. You are the nourishment my soul needs to do this wonderful work.

You have all my love.