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Using Nature to Create Structure in Your Life Part One: Aligning with The Moon Cycle

Working with Nature to Create Structure in Your Life!

Humans have looked to the moon and its cycles for guidance for thousands of years. There are eight moon phases in every cycle, and you can use these cycles to help guide you, create structure in your life, and implement healthy self-care practices.

But why use the moon to create structure? Well, that’s a great question and the truth is that many of us struggle with consistency and creating routines that propel us forward. We also have difficulties recognizing when to let go, when to take action, embracing new beginnings, and knowing when to celebrate all of our hard work.

The moon can be a resource and reminder in all the areas mentioned above. Let’s look at some of the main phases of the moon for more clarity on the matter, but before we do that, let’s explore the relationship that humans have had with the moon.

The moon has both a literal and figurative history in relation to human beings. For our ancient ancestors, the moon helped with the development of the calendar because of its consistent cycle of waxing and waning. It is scientifically proven to affect the tides of the oceans here on Earth. And, some research shows a correlation between the moon and human reproduction, fertility, menstruation, birth rates, admittance to hospitals and emergency rooms (Zimecki, 2006).

In spirituality, the moon has been associated with the feminine and subconscious. It can represent what is hidden from us (dark moon). However, on the other side, it can also represent our intuition and the knowing part of our being that comes with no explanation. The moon innately possesses intelligence that is apparent in its function. Only the moon can do what the moon does.

The beginning of the lunar month is what we refer to as the New Moon. This is the time of new beginnings. Use this phase to set new goals and intentions. This is a wonderful time to begin a new project, try a new hobby, or implement a new workout regimen.

We know the second phase as the Waning Phase. This is the period of growth during the moon cycle. This is where you can start to harness some momentum in your actions. Being diligent and staying committed to the new seeds planted earlier can be helpful to see progress.

The next phase is the Full Moon. And, when the Full moon appears it is a great time to celebrate all your hard work over the past couple of weeks. It is a time when you should be able to see tangible results from the implementation of your new projects, ideas, and regimens at the New Moon.

Next comes the Waxing Phase. This phase can be a restorative time to start integrating the new lessons you’ve learned and the experiences you’ve had into your psyche. Here it is about integrating what is working well and releasing that which is no longer serving you. Identifying these things can help set you up for success in the future.

Finally comes the Dark Moon phase. In the days before the New Moon, this cycle takes place. It is a time for rest and reflection as you prepare for the New Moon ahead.

I hope you find this simple explanation of the moon’s cycles helpful. When it comes down to it, we are all a part of the universe and we are all interconnected. When we can acknowledge this fact and work to align ourselves with the Universe’s natural cycles, we can achieve higher vibrations and levels of awareness in ourselves and others.


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