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Why It Can't Be All ABOUT THE LIKES. Social Media & THE Shadow

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

How Social Media Reflects the Collective Unconscious and Revels the Shadow Self

It's no easy feat to put yourself out there in the world, especially on social media. It requires vulnerability, courage, strength, compassion, and boldness…. amongst other things. The world has changed, even more so in the last 2 years. We are connecting, building, and growing in ways that people both could and could not have imagined. The world is a full place. It contains excitement, joy, pleasure, pain, and goodness. During challenging times, it can be full of uncertainty. It is also full of awe. Why then, are we getting so caught up in the misuse of technology?

Some would say that humanity is just being human. We have an entire history of getting ourselves into sticky situations with one another and the world. We create transcendental pieces of artwork, and with the same genetic capabilities; we engage in war. War on each other. War on ourselves. And………. sucks…… for… everyone. Sometimes in ways that we can yet understand in our present moment experiences, but will often be felt for generations to come.

Most people want to live meaningful lives. To have a purpose, to be connected, and to be loved. In a time where mental health issues are prevalent, and when we have the opportunity, tools, and resources to do so much..... why do we choose to do so little? Even for our own well-being? Why do we perceive it to be much less habitual to lean into kindness? Kindness towards others, but more urgently kindness towards ourselves. I urge you, at this very moment, to lean into an experience of kindness towards yourself. For anything. It could be a thank you for a gesture you made involving care for yourself (i.e., brushing your teeth, tending to all bodily functions appropriately, or for just being here right now with me). If you’re reading this right now, take a moment to find me. I am here with you sending you support in the form you most need it.

Why am I saying all of this? It isn't all about the likes. Social media, like all other things in the universe, is a tool meant to serve the highest good of all consciousness. It results from our collective unconscious desire to be connected in ways that deepen our relationships, no matter the geographical distance. Our collective unconscious desire is to be everywhere and nowhere at once. It is the physical and material manifestation of our shadow self as well. It allows us to keep hidden that which we don’t know about ourselves or that which we choose to withhold from public view (for fear of scrutiny). The deep recesses of our minds have been programmed and encouraged to hide because society has rejected a part of itself. Only willing to pay attention to what is pleasing. But, this is unsustainable.

A balanced perspective, like great art, has to include the light and the dark. This truth is also present in nature, a woman who is in balance and not concerned about the likes of her decision-making or even how she appears. She just is. And who could not like that? A reminder that social media should support you in recognizing you are nature, not become your nature. Think about the best parts of nature for just a moment. Waterfalls… the sun…. Outer-space……… plants…. animals…. each part of nature that I mentioned enhances it, but also plays a very specific role. Since you, too, are a part of nature, how do you mutually contribute to her in a way that allows you to be a co-creator of your reality?

Imagine with me for a moment a world full of endless, unique individuals. All connected and whose collective existence is intertwined. All possessing distinct and natural abilities that, when allowed to be their truest selves, contribute to the well-being of the whole in ways that sustain their intertwined fates with guaranteed certainty. All is well and all can be well when we work together.

Check-in with Yourself. Take Care of Yourself. Master Yourself.



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